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Repair Shop
In El Paso, TX
We work on Domestics, Imports, Automatics, Standards, and much more. We are your local transmission experts.

Transmission Shop in El Paso TX

There are many transmission repair shops in the El Paso area. But there is only one Superior Transmission Shop! So come on by our shop and see for yourself why so many people are saying that we're the best! Our professional transmission repair services are located on Montana Ave in El Paso.
Your car's automatic transmission is a very complex component. It not only requires a professional technician but also a high level of expertise in conjunction with advanced diagnostic equipment and specialized tools. We have been properly diagnosing and repairing transmission problems in El Paso for many years. Let us help you get you back on the road. Other transmission shops give you the run around and can be very costly. This auto repair shop is honest, upfront, and have your best interest in mind.

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